David Clark H10-13.4 Review

David Clark H10-13.4

A good pair of noise-canceling headphones is one of the most important pieces of equipment that a private pilot acquires in his career. And while you can make do in your initial few flights by renting aviation headsets from your flight school, sooner rather than later you need to purchase one for yourself.‏

David Clark is a well-respected name in the field of pilot headsets. Preferred across the world by commercial and military pilots alike, its noise reduction headphones are second to none.‏

‏The David Clark H10-13.4 aviation headset is one of the legendary company’s entry-level models. Find out if it is the right option for you in my David Clark H10-13.4 review.‏


‏Noise Reduction‏

‏The most important point to take into consideration before you buy any aviation headset is noise reduction capabilities.

‏While David Clark H10-13.4 lacks some modern features like digital or electric noise reduction present in the more expensive models, it features a good passive noise reduction with a certified reduction rating of – 23 dB that minimizes background noise considerably. It does a good job, especially for its price range.

If you would like to learn more about the different types of noise reduction, visit my ultimate aviation headsets guide.


‏An uncomfortable aviation headset can be a detriment to long flights. The David Clark H10-13.4 has been designed to provide a good level of comfort to the wearer, with soft double foam head pads and gel ear pads that distribute the pressure evenly.‏

‏The mic boom is configurable and locks in place, allowing you to keep your hands on the controls instead of adjusting your microphone.‏


‏David Clark is the brand of choice for pilots around the world as a testament to its quality and reliability. The headset is made in the USA, with the best materials and rugged electrical mechanisms that are guaranteed to keep running for years without a hitch.‏

‏The aviation headset also comes with complete construction and electrical diagrams to enable custom modifications and home repair, something which is rare for a headset these days.‏

One highlight of this headset is the M-7A microphone, the most advanced noise-canceling microphone available.

‏Weighing In‏

‏Pros‏ +

● ‏Good sound quality‏

● ‏Comfortable to wear‏ compared to other headsets with a similar price range.

● ‏Good noise reduction‏

● ‏Includes electrical diagrams for modifications and home repair‏

● ‏270-degree rotatable mic

‏Cons‏ –

● ‏Lacks Digital Noise Reduction‏

  • Basic Noise reduction

● ‏No Bluetooth capability‏

● ‏AUX input not available‏

● ‏Ears can get sweaty due to plastic earpads‏

● ‏Does not come with a hard case‏

‏My Verdict‏

‏The David Clark H10-13.4 aviation headset is without a doubt a good choice for student pilots looking to buy their first headset.

While lacking some of the fancy bells and whistles available in the $900+ models, the headset is a very good option if you are on a budget.

‏Whether it is noise attenuation or transmission clarity, this pair of headphones comes with good quality for its price range. Taken together with the great comfort and the trust of the David Clark name, this aviation headset is a reliable and affordable companion to help you fly high.

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